Hi, I'm Suzy

I help everyday women grow more joyful marriages one day at a time.

When my husband and I got married in 2008 (after two years of dating), I also began my journey to become a counselor.

I spent years doing volunteer training, getting my Master’s degree, reading countless books, going to dozens of conferences, and spending hours counseling people one-on-one in everyday life.

You would think between all of that training, my husband and I would have it all together in our marriage, but we had all of the typical challenges: finances, conflict, and sin.

The first few years of marriage were really tough, and it didn’t make sense.

We both loved each other, we both loved Jesus, and we were doing “all the right things,” but we were still misfiring. That’s when my obsession grew. I wanted to understand people. I wanted to understand myself, my husband, relationships in general, and how people healed.

Over time, I've felt called to share what I've learned about...

If you’re going through a rough season, I wish I could reach through the screen and hug you, because I know how hard those seasons are.

While I’m not able to sit down with each person individually or take on any counseling clients at this time, I love sharing helpful tips and resources here on my website and on Instagram so you can experience growth and freedom in your marriage.

My hope is that you would use these resources to increase the joy and satisfaction you have in your marriage which will open doors to so much more in your future.

Changing the narrative

Postpartum + the stress of working hard to get out of debt caught up with me and my thinning hair was proof of it.

So 10 years into our marriage, I did something out of character: I spent money on myself!

I switched my shampoo thinking it wasn’t going to help, only to be shocked by the difference. I realized that safe, quality ingredients mattered, and I started switching out other personal care items as well. And while I loved the results, I realized that there was an even bigger change available to me than just my hair.

That’s when I decided to start my social selling business sharing my results from this awesome bottle of shampoo (and now skincare and wellness as well).

I was a huge skeptic and had watched friends dabble in social selling only to quit a few months later. BUT….

Given my background and business degree from S.M.U., I saw potential. Not just for income, but also the opportunity for women (like you and me) to create the lives we want without sacrificing the things most important to us: our family and our health.

Now my passion is to help other women grow an online business to help provide for their families and create the life they want.

My mission is bigger than just helping you grow a business. I want you to grow it the right way.

Not putting your life on hold and sacrificing all your family time, energy, and identity to get to the top.

I’m here to mentor you and show you how to do this in a sustainable way. I’ve got the mindset, the nitty-gritty how-to’s, and the real-life experience of being a regular mom who wanted to grow a business while not being glued to my phone every waking minute.

Learn more about working together here.

If you want to talk more with me about this, my inbox is always open!

Random Facts About Me


My family came to America many years ago to start new lives after the fall of communism. I speak Romanian poorly & have visited a few times. The food is amazing and the country is beautiful. I feel a real connection to Romania, but I feel that same connection to America. It’s like having two parents you dearly love. They are both a part of me.


My husband, John, is a pastor. This cracks me up as much as it probably surprises anyone who grew up with me. It’s just proof that God has a huge sense of humor. I never dreamed of being a pastor’s wife, and in fact, I specifically remember saying “I never want to be a pastor’s wife.” Welp, that was many years ago (before I met my husband), and here I am.

In My Spare Time

I love being outside, going to the beach or mountains, anything where I can be surrounded by God’s creation and feel grounded in the present moment. On a typical day you’ll find me listening to a podcast or book on topics from psychology and counseling to building a business in a sustainable and joyful way. In the evenings, you’ll find me pushing my kids on the swing or watching them play in our front yard.

Giving Back

One of my favorite things to do is to use what God has blessed me with to bless others. Whether it’s spending my time building up and pouring into a fellow mom/wife or supporting a ministry that is near and dear to my heart, it all brings me joy. One of my missions in life is to pay it forward. I may not talk about it a lot on my IG when it’s happening, but it’s a big part of my life.

Mom Life

There are currently 3 littles that call me “mom.” I’ve got two boys and was convinced I would be a boy mom until having my baby girl. They are 1-7 years old and are a huge source of joy (and sometimes pain). God has used them to help me grow more than anything else in life. God, my husband, our children, and my health are the top priorities in my life. I live and work in a way that allows me to be present with them and soak up these passing moments.

Sustain Not Hustle

I am anti-hustle, anti-put your life on hold and sacrifice it all to get to the top. I have worked to learn a better and more sustainable way to grow a business, while still being a present mom, good friend, and loving wife. I have the tools, mindset, and training to help other women do the same. My vision is that women are able to put down the burnout culture and start to create a life they love. This is available to anyone who wants it.


As a kid, I hated reading more than anything. I actually remember falling asleep with a book on my face during class reading time. But today, I have several books I’m reading on my nightstand, desk, and in my bag, as well as four to six books I’m in the process of “reading” on audible. I love learning. It helps me be a better mom, wife, friend, and leader to the wonderful women I mentor who work with me.

Dreaming of Travel

When I think of all the places I want to visit, the world seems so big. But, as a wise professor once told me, “If you live long enough, you’ll get to do all the things you want to do.” I’m not sure I will get to see every place in the world I would like to see, but it will sure be fun trying.

If you’ve made it to the end of this page…

I'm so glad to have you here!

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