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I LOVE the Monat skin care line that I got. My skin feels and looks amazing. You know how I told you my forehead has a dry, red spot? It's getting better!!!

So before this I was using the Clinique moisturizer and it did not work at all and was expensive. Monat, on the other hand, is making me feel comfortable not wearing makeup during the week 😂

I just love it. I didn't think it would work but I've been struggling with that dry red spot forever now and it's finally down!
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Thank you, Suzy, for better hair. Honestly, I have been wearing my hair curly nonstop for the last 4-6 months and it's because it has life in it again. I've never gotten so many compliments for being lazy with it 😂
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Thank you so much, Suzy. I appreciate all of your hard work and help! You really make my beauty needs super easy and I feel like I'm in great hands 💕. Love you girl! 😘 Also, you're REALLY good at your job!
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Btw, I'm seeing a HUGE improvement in my hair! It's never looked this healthy before.

Monat Skin Care

Nourish Your Skin

I was using one of the most well-known and expensive skincare lines for a year before Monat launched their skincare line in Fall 2019.

I experienced some improvements with that former line, but I still had dark circles under my eyes, hyperpigmentation, and more wrinkles than I would like.

I figured I just had “bad skin,” and this was as good as it was going to get. I was pretty convinced there wasn’t much more I could do. Can you relate? 

I took a before picture to see if I could notice any differences. A week after trying the Monat skincare line I was blown away!

  • My eyes and skin were noticeably brighter.
  • My skin tone more even
  • And it looked firm and hydrated.

I was sold after seeing that even someone “like me” could get results!

Since then, I’ve tried other products in the skin-care line and continued to see improvements with my dark spots, wrinkles, and overall skin health.

If you want results like these too, take the beauty quiz or shop now. You’ll be shocked by your results and by how long the products last!

Monat Wellness

Heal From The Inside Out

Creams, serums, and lotions can only go so far. How we nourish our bodies directly affects not only our inner vitality but our outer beauty too.

Whether you need…

  • A natural energy boost to replace your caffeine crash
  • Help falling/staying asleep without habit-forming substances
  • To strengthen your hair, skin, and nails with a naturally based collagen supplement
  • Vitamins for additional immune support

Monat Wellness is here to help make your health journey more effortless!

get paid to share!

More than beauty products

Did you know that you can actually get paid to share your beauty transformation with others?

These products have no doubt changed my life for the better, but it’s the business that’s had an even bigger impact on my life.

If you want to learn how to grow a social-selling business that blesses your family financially, gives you the flexibility to work on your own schedule without sending your kids off to daycare, and help other women prioritize their self-care and feel confident in their own skin… 

I’d love to be your mentor. To learn more about what it takes to start this business, click the button below or feel free to contact me directly.

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