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I’m here to teach you the basic skills you need to launch your own successful social selling business with me—even if you have no previous experience.

You’ll discover how your unique and God-given talents can be leveraged into a fulfilling and profitable career helping people get the most out of their self-care and feel confident in their own skin.

You’ll have the freedom to make it truly your business, and learn how to attract people to you instead of sending countless messages hoping something sticks (pssst…there’s a better way!). 

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you already have what it takes!

your mentor, Suzy

Let me help you build this business & make it your own

Here’s what you can expect when you say YES to this opportunity:

Most importantly, you can customize this business to create the kind of income that works for you and your family.  (You don’t have to grow a team — up to 30% commission per sale + bonuses!)

How I Got Started (And You Can Too)

My husband and I were struggling to keep up with the bills and were living paycheck to paycheck. 

Stress about finances and postpartum hormones took a toll on my hair and it was in bad shape.

I switched my shampoo and was totally shocked by the difference in my hair!

Little did I know, that bottle of shampoo would change my financial situation too. 

When I realized I could share my results and help others experience the same transformation and get paid for it, I was interested… but skeptical because it was through direct sales!

But, then I learned what made Monat different and I saw how this business model could serve my family, and help me serve others too.

I was scared, but I said YES!

When I started, I thought I might be able to cover the cost of my products (at best).

But, then I earned back my investment, covered all the products I could ever dream of using, and created extra income that covered swim lessons, fun trips, a house cleaner, all the extras I used to have to say “no” to, and even a paid for trip to Vegas.

Best of all, I have grown so much as a person and business owner.

I have years of mindset coaching and business “how-tos” TO SHARE WITH YOU.

I’ve studied organic marketing and have the tools to help you grow a business in a way that you can feel proud of and enjoy. 

Whatever your goals are, I can help you lay a path to them.

If you’re ready to say yes to yourself, your dreams, the way you want your life to look, then I’d love to be your business mentor. 

You have nothing to lose, and SO much to gain!

partner perks

What You Get

When you become a Monat Market Partner


Enjoy a 30 to 55% discount off of your favorite Monat products for hair, beauty, wellness, pets and even men!

Bonuses & Incentives

Earn commissions, bonuses, team rank advancement bonuses, travel incentives, car program and more!


Experience the powerful community, training, mentorship and personal growth you've always wanted.

No Requirements

No inventory. No required flexship. No monthly fees. No sales quotas. No required parties or events. Team building not required.

Free MP Website

Promote the products with ease! Just send people to your website link and earn commissions when they shop!

Total Customization

Ultimately, you get to decide how you want to share and build this business. Pick the starter pack at the level you want to invest.

the investment

The Investment To Get Started

To start your business as a Market Partner, you’ll choose one of our product packs which range from $199 to $799.

This is a one-time purchase that includes highly discounted Monat products (40-58% off) so you can use, test, and experience the benefits of the products and effectively share your results with others!

Note: this pack is not for inventory purposes. 

Your Product Pack includes samples to share, shampoo, conditioner, styling products, skincare, wellness or mixture of the three.

The larger the pack you buy, the more variety you get and the bigger the discount! 

It’s really up to you to decide which product pack is the best fit to help you kickstart your social selling business. (Get full details about what’s inside each of the product packs during the sign-up process.)

Ready to build your business with Suzy as your mentor? Here's How To Get Started!

Click the step tabs below to get step-by-step instructions guiding you through the enrollment process.

Still on the fence? Read the FAQs below or Contact me with any questions. 

We are waiting for you!

frequently asked

Frequently Asked Questions

We do social selling differently:

We do not blast people with copy and paste messages.

  • We do not message complete strangers or people you haven’t talked to in years.
  • We do not turn you into a 24-hour infomercial for Monat.

We will teach you how to be YOURSELF while sharing things that matter to you and serving your audience with value and no strings attached.

We will help you learn how to show up as you and have fun doing it.

No, building a team is not required.

  • You can earn a 15% to 30% commission on every sale purchased through your link.
  • You can also earn customer bonuses and sales volume bonuses.

If you decide to build a team, you can earn additional bonuses. 

Yes! You will have training and coaching on how to launch your business as well as direct access to me and other experienced women on our team. You will have training on product knowledge, Social Media strategies (how to grow, connect, and sell organically), including help with creating content and reels, as well as, coaching for your thoughts.

No. This is a huge plus! Customers order directly from your free Monat site so there is no buying products in hopes to sell it and then making multiple trips to the post office. Thank goodness!

There are no minimum sales requirements to be paid and no penalties for not meeting a certain sales number (there are no quotas). You earn commission on all of your sales regardless of the amount.

Monat and I do not make any income claims. How much you earn is totally up to your effort, skill, commitment, and leadership and how well you exercise those qualities. Think of it like a gym membership, I will give you the tools, but the results are up to you. It can happen as quickly as the first weeks of your business because of the SmartStart bonuses Monat gives you in the first months of your business.

It can take 8-10 days to get your products. It can happen sooner, but the great news is you don’t have to wait for your products to start earning money. The moment you are a market partner you are eligible to earn commissions.

Monat is currently in the USA, Canada, UK, Poland, Spain, Lithuania, and Ireland, and will continue to expand and launch in new countries.

Yes, there is a $49 renewal fee each year to maintain market partner benefits.

There is a 30 day money back guarantee or you can keep your highly discounted products and enjoy the heck out of them and take no further action. There will be no fees, charges, penalties so it’s a win/win.

I will be here to answer your questions and guide you through launching your business. It’s a learn as you grow approach with coaching and training to help you each step of the journey. There is no requirement to be an expert of any kind to start, just a desire to learn and implement.